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“Such an amazing community”

Our family has been so blessed by LPG. All of the therapists are so compassionate and top notch. I have seen such an explosion of growth in my child since he has started therapy at LPG. He is always coming home and doing new things and he continues to amaze me with how far he has come. I know we can attribute a large part of that growth to the wonderful team and therapists at LPG. We have also been blessed by the monthly groups that allow us to get together with other parents and children that share my child’s diagnosis and form friendships that we truly treasure. I appreciate having such an amazing community to walk alongside our family and I appreciate the incredible support we have received from LPG in the process.
Allison, Wade's mom

“Everyone working there is awesome”

Learn, Play, Grow has helped my son Kayne tremendously. Kayne started receiving help from Learn, Play, Grow when he was just over a year old. He wasn't able to crawl or sit up on his own but thanks to the wonderful therapists he was crawling in no time! Now we are working on walking! He has improved so much thanks to the wonderful people he has helping him. Learn, Play, Grow is such an amazing place and everyone working there is awesome!!!
Sarah, Kayne's mom

“The team here is fantastic”

My son Neil has been at Learn, Play, Grow for the past 2.5 years. The team at LPG are top-notch and truly meet the child where he or she is and help them thrive and grow. Compassionate, patient and perseverant— the team here is fantastic. Neil learned how to jump at Learn, Play, Grow and I still remember the day his physical therapist sent me his video on the trampoline! Thank you so much for all you do!
Priyanka, Neil's mom

“They are family”

I can not put into words the gratitude I have for Learn, Play, Grow. They have been there not only for my son, but my entire family for 4 years, they are family! It is not easy to hear that your child has a condition that will challenge him his whole life, but LPG has been encouraging and supporting us every step of the way! Seeing my son thriving and becoming more confident every day melts my heart! He wouldn't be where he is without the services and support from all of the LPG team. We would be lost without them!
Stacy, Myles mom

“Learn, Play, Grow has become part of my family”

Learn, Play, Grow has played a vital role in my family and become part of my family. We started at LPG when Maddie was only a few months old. As a special needs mom, my goal is for my daughter to be integrated into society and meet her potential. LPG has the same goals and her therapists are always helping push Maddie to that potential.
Frieda, Maddie's mom

“We are grateful for the support and resources that LPG provided”

My son, Judah, developed a severe oral aversion as a baby; he wouldn’t take anything by mouth and ended up with a G tube at 15 months old. We were recommended to Learn, Play, Grow for feeding therapy. In addition to addressing his lack of ability to eat, the therapists recognized Judah’s need for a bigger picture approach to therapy treatment. We also started occupational therapy to help with sensory issues and learning how to do things like brushing his teeth. With the knowledge and guidance from our therapists he went from being a toddler who did not know how to eat, being fed all of his calories through a feeding tube, to a little boy who could EAT and thrive on his own! While it did seem like a slow process at the time, after several years he graduated from therapy and he was able to have his feeding tube removed! The process of using small steps to teach him how to eat set him up to succeed for the rest of his life. We are grateful for the support and resources that Learn, Play, Grow provided for Judah and we are always happy to see him enjoying food now!
Krystal, Judah's mom

“They have gone above and beyond for us”

I struggle to find words to adequately describe what the therapists at Learn, Play, Grow mean to me and my family. They have gone above and beyond for us. Aside from providing outstanding care to my child for 7 years, they have always listened, communicated, advocated, and educated me when I needed it. From the waiting room to the offices and out on the therapy floor, you are greeted with a smile. I know that when I drop my child off, he will know that he is loved and that he is going to have so much fun that he won’t even realize he is working. We are lucky to have such caring and compassionate professionals on our team.
Tara, Titus' mom